10 Best Places to visit in France

Seeking the best place to visit in France? We have got you covered! France’s reputation as the top tourist destination on Earth is well-deserved. It is home to some of the world’s most beautiful landscapes in addition to producing some of the world’s finest wines and food. If you are looking for the most beautiful cities France, this article is for you! Indeed, everywhere you go in l’Hexagone, breathtaking views will surround you. Travelers can experience a wide variety of landscapes, from towering sand dunes and picturesque villages to rolling vineyards and plunging valleys.

However, it may be challenging to determine which sections of France to visit because there is so much to see and do. The most beautiful cities France, will make you as if you are in heaven. As a result, we have produced a list of France’s best places to visit to motivate your travel bucket list and help you limit the possibilities.

Corsica: The Island of Beauty

In the midst of the Mediterranean, on the beautiful island of Corsica, you may forget whose country you’re in. Because of its unique location between France and Italy, it is able to adopt the best features of both cultures. The Island of Beauty, where Napoleon was born, is as gorgeous as its reputation suggests. The most beautiful cities France includes this as well. The natural beauty and urban refinement blend are evident in the region’s granite peaks, virgin forests, and seaside cities. The beautiful blue waters of its one thousand kilometers of beachfront make it a popular spot for snorkeling and scuba diving. It is one of the perfect cities to visit in France other than Paris; if sunbathing is your idea of a perfect day, the island provides plenty of deserted beaches where you may relax in peace. 

Provence: Land of Lavender

Southeast France’s Provence is a popular tourist destination in the summer thanks to its unending ocean of lavender fields. Now is the time of year when you can find this crop, with its heavenly fragrance, growing in almost any part of the region. However, among the most picture-perfect places to use it include the Valensole Plateau, the Sault Plateau, and the Luberon Valley. It is one of the best cities to visit in France other than Paris.

Place de la Bourse

Bordeaux’s freedom from its old town walls began with the creation of this splendid square on the left bank of the Garonne in the 1720s. The plaza was designed by Louis XV’s favourite architect Jacques Gabriel, and it quickly became a symbol of the city. Ascend for a better look at the macarons, which are sculpted faces that can be seen under the arches of the buildings. It stands tall in the list of the most beautiful cities to visit in France other than Paris. Further, you should go across the street to see the Water Mirror, a creation of French landscape architect Michel Corajoud. This enormous pool, which consists of nothing more than a thin layer of water and is usually hidden by mist, serves as a mirror for Place de la Bourse.


France and Germany unite in Strasbourg to create a beautiful and harmonious whole. Strasbourg, the capital of Alsace, is located on the border between France and Germany and is the regional capital. Many critical European organizations, like the European Parliament and the European Court of Human Rights, are headquartered in Strasbourg. It is on the list of the best cities to visit in France other than Paris.

Seeing Grande Ile, the city’s historic core should be high on your list of things to do. Numerous museums and exciting landmarks can be found in the city’s central area. One of these is the stunning Gothic church, built out of pink sandstone with beautiful carvings and a 300-year-old operating astrological clock. France beautiful cities include this as well. Signs and building facades in this area combine French and German architectural influences.

Louvre Museum

When people talk about the Louvre Museum in Paris, they aren’t just talking about a museum. It’s not just the largest art museum in the world, but also one of the most historically significant structures ever constructed. France beautiful cities include this as well. Having stood for over 300 years, the Louvre Museum is a living testament to the development of western culture and a must-see at least once in one’s lifetime.

Montmartre Hill

In the 18th arrondissement of Paris, on a large hill known as Montmartre, you’ll find some of the city’s most famous landmarks and attractions. It is on the list of France beautiful cities. Despite being within the city limits, it has the appearance of a unique and endearing little village. It’s possible to get stunning views over the whole of Paris from the top of Montmartre, a hill in the heart of the city. It is bordered by the boulevard de Clichy and the boulevard de Rochechouart to the south, the rue de Clignancourt to the east, and the rue Caulaincourt and the rue Custine to the north. The term “Mount of the Martyr” in Latin is where “Montmartre” comes from.

Sentier des Ocres

Vibrant colors like reds, oranges, and yellows flood the Sentier des Ocres, which are difficult to find in France’s otherwise peaceful and verdant region near Aix-en-Provence. The Sentier is divided into two paths that traverse an old ochre pigment quarry in the town of Rousillon in the French region of Vaucluse. You will absolutely love the best place to visit in France. This place looks like a condensed version of America’s Monument Valley. It’s an unusual site that’s great for a picture shoot, and it covers more than 30 hectares and is well-known for its roughly 20 shades of ochre.

Notre Dame Cathedral

There is a medieval Catholic cathedral in Paris called Notre Dame. There are multiple translations for its name, but “Our Lady of Paris” is one among them. It is located in the 4th arrondissement of Paris, on the island of Île de la Cité. The best place to visit in France is right here! It’s one of the city’s most recognizable landmarks and a fine example of Gothic architecture from the Middle Ages. In 1163, with King Louis I of France in power, construction on the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris began. The completion of the cathedral is attributed to a period of about 182 years.

The Alsace Region

Strasbourg and Colmar, together with the hundreds of villages that dot the Alsatian countryside, have a charm that is all their own despite France’s reputation for romance and elegance. Alsace’s close proximity to Germany has profoundly impacted the region’s culture and architecture, as seen by the region’s old Gothic churches and brightly painted half-timbered homes.

The historical and cultural city of Strasbourg, France, is a popular tourist destination thanks to its lovely canals, the majestic cathedral, and winding streets strewn with cobblestones. Colmar is an excellent example of the region’s traditional architecture in France’s Alsace region and is one of the best tourist cities in France. There are numerous picturesque antique churches and traditional houses with flower-adorned balconies.

Eiffel Tower In Paris

The iconic Eiffel Tower is a unique symbol of Paris, the City of Love. Standing tall in the heart of Paris, it is easily visible anywhere in the city. The “Iron Lady,” or Eiffel Tower, near Paris, is one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World. Moreover, it is commonly referred to as “The Iron Lady.” France’s Eiffel Tower is widely recognized as a cultural icon and historical landmark It is among the top tourist cities in France. This elaborately designed skyscraper first opened in 1889. Tourists can take guided tours of the Eiffel Tower both during the day and at night. One of the most enjoyable things to do in Paris is to visit the top of the tower and soak in the magnificent view of the city below.

Parting Thoughts:

Whenever you think about visiting France, Paris is one of the cities that can not be ignored. We’ve also listed some spots from cities to visit in France besides Paris. Make sure you experience these fine places when you’ve finally paid a visit to France.