Over the years, with the development of the aeronautical industry, direct flights from one end of the planet to the other have become more and more common. Today, there is a great demand for this type of flight along with adapted aircraft with the necessary features to make such trips entertaining. If you are wondering which ones are the top 10 longest flights in the World, keep on reading this article.
Airlines such as Australia’s Qantas, Qatar Airways, or Singapore have regular flights that cover ultra-long distances. Thanks to these airlines, we avoid annoying layovers on our trips, even if that means much more time in the air. Here is a list of the top 10 longest flights in the World:

1) Newark (New Jersey) – Singapore

Flew for the first time in October 2018, Singapore Airlines connects the airports of Newark Liberty, on the outskirts of New York, and Changi, in Singapore. This route ranks top and secures the title of the longest plane ride in the World. Through it, 15,343 km of distance is traveled in an Airbus named A350-900 ULR (Ultra Long Range). The symbol ULR indicates that these planes are adapted for trips of more than 12 hours of flight. Although, in the beginning, it was estimated that the plane could fly straight for more than 18 hours, at present, it usually flies for around 17 hours and 52 minutes. Currently, this one is the longest flight in the World.

2) Doha (Qatar) – Auckland (New Zealand)

Qatar Airways flight from Doha to Auckland was the longest one in the World until the aforementioned Newark – Singapore began operating in 2018. This flight travels 14,535 km in 18 hours and 30 minutes. Their airline uses a Boeing 777-200 LR (Long Range) for this route.

3) Perth (Australia) – London (UK)

Operated by the Australian airline Qantas, this route is covered by the Boeing 787-9. It ranks third on our list of the longest flights in the World. This is the first non-stop flight between Perth and London, covering 14,500 km of distance on a daily basis. This flight takes approximately 17 hours and 50 minutes on average.

4) Auckland (New Zealand) – Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

Emirates Airlines directly connects Dubai with Auckland. This company uses Airbus A380 and a Boeing 777 for long-range distance. Passengers are able to travel around 14,200 km within 17 hours and 10 minutes.

5) Los Angeles (United States) – Singapore

Singapore Airlines connects these two destinations by direct flight through Airbus A350-900ULR. Considered as one of the longest flights in the World, this flight secures the fifth rank on our list. It covers a distance of 14-114 km in 17 hours and 50 minutes.

6) Houston (United States) – Sydney (Australia)

In 2017, United Airlines announced the start of direct flight operations between Houston and Sydney. It is one of the World’s longest flights. This route is operated by Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner, with a duration of 17 hours and 30 minutes. This flight covers a distance of 13,834 km.

7) Dallas (United States) – Sydney (Australia)

Ranking seventh on our list of the longest flights in the World, there is also one covered by the Australian airline, named Qantas. It is the Dallas – Sydney route operated by Boeing 787-9. As one of the longest commercial flights in the World, it covers 13,805 km in approximately 17 hours and 10 minutes.

8) New York (United States) – Manila (Philippines)

Philippine Airlines connects New York City with Manila. The airline has been recognized to operate one of the longest non-stop commercial flights in the World on this route. It is a journey that lasts 16 hours, 35 minutes, and covers 13 711 km. For this route, Airbus A350-900 is used.

9) San Francisco (United States) – Singapore

Two of the longest airline flights in the World are precisely the ones that connect San Francisco with Singapore. On a direct flight, Singapore Airlines and United Airlines travel 13,592.5 km on Airbus A350-900 and Boeing B787-9, respectively. With United Airlines, this flight takes 17 hours and 20 minutes, while with Singapore Airlines, it takes 17 hours and 35 minutes.

10) Johannesburg (South Africa) – Atlanta (United States)

With a distance of 13,581 km, we close our list of the longest flights in the World. It is the one that connects the cities of Johannesburg with Atlanta in approximately 16 hours and 50 minutes. The aircraft in regular use for this flight is none other than the Boeing 777-200 LR.

Some Tips If You are Going for One of the Longest Flights in the World by Distance

Although we are able to spend a whole day at home without going out, when it comes to covering one of the longest flight distance, this takes a turn. Staying in a small room that we know we cannot leave for hours and the feeling that we are surrounded by strangers can turn a normal flight into a real nightmare. To avoid these issues and make your trip more enjoyable, follow some tips listed below if you are going for one of the longest air routes in the World.

Talk To Your Neighbor

Suppose you are traveling in one of the longest direct flights in the world; unless you have requested preferential seats, it is very likely that you have another passenger sitting right next to you. If you do not want things to get on your nerves, we suggest that you start a conversation with the person sitting next to you. Maybe you are lucky, and this person will have funny stories to tell.

Take the Opportunity to Disconnect

We are constantly connected with the internet and are bombarded with information. Even though 32,000 feet above the ground, we do not get rid of advertisements displayed in multiple forms in front of us, at least the internet connection we get is limited. Take it as an opportunity, disconnect your mind, and relax with your own thoughts.

Exercise Your Body if You are Travelling in the Longest Continuous Flight

Consider a scenario where you are flying on one of the longest flights from the USA; if you are just sitting on your seat, passing such a long time will become a big struggle for you. It may seem crazy, but one of the best tips for the longest flight durations is to move our body. Spending too many hours in the seat without moving can negatively affect our health. Also, due to pressure, we can end up with pain, not to mention the risk of venous thrombosis. Get up and walk for a bit. You can also do stretches by moving your legs while sitting.

Going for the Longest Flight Ever? Bring Your Own Entertainment

Has it been a long time since you started a book and cannot get back to the habit of reading? Is there a movie or series you want to see but can’t find the time? This is your moment! The fourth of our advice for trips with the longest flight time is that you take with you what you know will entertain you. Although there are always movies on these flights, they may not be to your liking, or you must have watched them already. To prevent the boredom that may become a part of your trip if you are traveling through one of the longest flights from America, put your tablet in your hand luggage.

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Which One is Better? A Direct Flight or a Flight with Stopovers?

There are many beliefs and discrepancies among travelers about direct flights and flights with stopovers. However, to understand which type of flight is the best for you, let’s look into the definitions of these two terms.

What Is A Direct Flight?

A direct flight is one that will take you from the nearest airport to the airport at your final destination without stopping at any other airport on the way.

What Is A Layover Flight?

A stopover flight will take you from the nearest airport to an intermediate or connecting point where you will have to get off the first plane, go through the necessary security or migration filters and board another plane that will take you either to your final destination or to another airport(s) before doing so.

Advantages of A Direct Flight

You Will Spend A Few Hours Flying

The time factor is the greatest benefit of buying a direct plane ticket to your destination since you will arrive at the time stipulated in the itinerary. Moreover, it will be a faster transit than the one with stopovers.

You Won’t Go Through Other Airports

You have probably seen lots of videos of people giving advice on how to kill time while waiting to board their next flight after a layover. When you buy a direct flight, the only thing you will have to worry about is not falling asleep, or you will end up missing the views of incredible landscapes that you will be able to witness from the window seat of your plane.

Disadvantages of a Direct Flight

The Prices Are Usually Higher

Although it is not a law, generally, the price of these direct flights is a little higher. Therefore, it is highly advised to look at the prices before making the final decision. You can also find benefits in the flights with stopovers. Some of them are discussed below.

Long Flight Durations

If you are going for long routes, there is a possibility that you end up buying tickets for the longest flight in the world record that might break the record of Qantas’ New York to Sydney flight. So keep this thing in mind before going for direct flights.

Advantages of a Stopover Flight


Indeed! Sometimes buying a flight ticket with stopovers will be a little cheaper than a direct flight. However, your routes and timings also affect the prices of your tickets.

You Can Extend Your Stopover

Buy a flight with stopovers with the option of staying in the connecting city from a few hours to several days. This modality is ideal for travelers looking to get to know other cities before reaching their final destination.

If Your Stopover is Several Hours Long, You Can Leave the Airport

You found the perfect stopover flight, the one that stops in the city you always wanted to visit, but you wonder if you can leave the airport. The answer is yes, as long as your next connecting flight is no less than 6 and 12 hours late. Moreover, it would be highly beneficial if the tourist spots are not so far from the area where you are staying for a brief time. In some cases, airports and airlines offer transportation to the city center.

Disadvantages of Stopover Flights

The Time Factor

It is ultimately decisive. If you are looking to get to your destination as soon as possible, then this type of flight is not for you.


There will always be the risk that if any of your flights were to be delayed, you would miss the next one. So we always recommend you to speak with the flight provider or the corresponding airline to verify that the flight will not face any delay. It is best to buy the tickets of connecting flights from the same airline or choose the flight that, itself, offers stopovers. 


a) Finally, we would like to offer you some recommendations that can help you if you take one of the longest passenger flights:

b) For long flights, you should not skimp on comfort. Keep in mind that finding a good seat at low prices will not be easy.

c) Remember to dress comfortably. Just think about it for a moment. You are going to spend more than 12 hours on a plane. So put on a jacket on yourself or keep a sweater in your hand so that you can put on or take off clothes to your liking.

d) Try not to sit for more than two hours at a time. Moving around the plane will make your flight experience more enjoyable.

e) Choose very well what you are going to eat, even before boarding the plane. If you suffer from allergies to any specific food, it is advisable to notify the airline so they can consider it while serving food to you during the flight.