Best Hotels in Illinois

The charming state of Illinois is found in the Midwestern Region of the United States. It has diverse places to see like from the awe-inspiring third largest city i.e. Chicago’s skyline to the spectacular natural Shawnee National Forest, this astonishing state has infinite places to visit. Since, when travelers think to visit this incredible state, the first thought that comes to their mind is Chicago, as this is one of the most popular cities in the country, well known for its high towering skyscrapers, award-winning restaurants, and outstanding never-ending shopping experience. Not only this, but this city is also famous for world-class music theaters, interesting architecture, fine dining, and interactive public art. This city is also well known for its cold breeze i.e. The Wind City, due to the presence of the center city Lake Michigan. 

However, there are additional tourist fascinating places in Illinois, rather than in Chicago. Its diverse landscape areas, endless fields, green farms, variability of urban and rural divisions, varied cultures and cities, its location in America’s heart and the Best Hotels in Illinois made it  perfect fit place for tourists destination all over the United States.

Well, not only Illinois is the well-known place to live in but, the super remarkable Best Hotels in Illinois make it the top ranked state in the country to spend vacations in. So, with a population of 12.67 million people, this state attract thousands of young professionals, families, couples, as well as retirees to have some leisure time, every year.

If we talk about Luxury Hotels in Illinois to stay in while having a trip to this remarkable state, countless spectacular lavish Best Hotels in Illinois you will find to spend vacations in, while having super amazing unbelievable facilities in minimum price ranges. You can have a detailed description concerning the family as well as a couple of hotels in the great state of America. 

Best Hotels in Illinois for Families 

US News and World Reports ranked the Illinois guesthouses as the super luxurious and topmost best restaurants in the United States, based on an analysis of industry awards, top hotel ratings as well as user scores. Moreover, Illinois is also famous all over the country for its well-known staying sumptuous places along with their surplus offering values. These are provided with extravagant amenities and uncountable services within affordable ranges. 

Indeed, Illinois State, nicknamed, The Prairie State, has a wide variety of hotels, particularly for families. Whatever season you choose to spend vacations in, your family will have a wide array of activities to enjoy together, several other attractions to explore collectively, and will have fresh air to relish in. With so many available options to choose from, it’s definitely to get confused about which one suits your family best and is suitable for you. That’s why I have listed down the Unique Hotels in Illinois, to help you plan your family’s perfect departure. 

1- The InterContinental Chicago Magnificent Mile

This hotel offers you a great combination of elegance plus friendliness both at once making you feel right staying at home. Its incredible pool is kid-friendly, offering your kid an endless amazing experience of swimming ever. Nonetheless, these hotel policies offer you astonishing other valuable services like you will have free Wi-Fi along with larger room space so that the family including members of four or five can have a comfortable stay in a single room.

Moreover, a family friend animal i.e. your pet can have a free stay with you in the same room, like a pet-friendly homestay. Besides all this, this hotel’s prime location lets you have chances to explore other nearby attractions of the city like the Millennium Park, Navy Pier, and the American Girl Stone, etc. Indeed, this always comes on the top of the list of Best Hotels in Illinois for Families.

2- Loews Chicago Hotel 

Indeed, by typing Unique Hotels near me in the Google search bar, you will straightforwardly find this distinct super deluxe hotel name at the top of the list. Since its uniqueness reflects in every amenity it offers to its clients and that’s why it’s inimitable in its name too. Its location is super ideal for every traveler who plans to spend extended vacations in Illinois State since in the nearby town you will have Michigan Avenue, The Chicago River, Navy Pier, Millennium Park, and Water Tower Place. The hotel has overall 400 guest rooms which an open rooftop patio, to enjoy a spectacular and captivating view of the whole city.

3- Radisson Blue Aqua Hotel 

An architectural gem in the city center, renowned for its iconic structure, and considered one of the Best Hotels in Illinois for Families. Yet, this is a family-friendly 82-story skyscraper apartment that contains an ideal location i.e. this is near to the family attraction places within an easy walk to Michigan Avenue, State Street, and other tourist attractions.

This hotel is equipped with an indoor lap pool and an outdoor larger pool which enhance the elegance of the restaurant in a super aesthetic way. This towering skyscraper is unique in its own way and no doubt, this is the best lodging choice to make your vacations super comfortable and delightful for endless memories ever. 

Best Hotels in Illinois for Couples 

Are you looking for the perfect romantic lavish hotels and resorts for a memorable loving vacation getaway in Illinois? You are at the right place, yeah! It’s pretty sure that Illinois is the state of infinite places to make your love even deeper and stronger and have a lighter mind free of heavier thoughts and emotions. This is the place where every young couple decides to have their honeymoons to make their love nights quite memorable and unforgettable. 

Yeah, it’s quite confusing to choose the right lodging area for your honey to spend your most special nights with, but we provide you the foremost perfect impeccable Best Hotels in Illinois for Couples to enjoy your elite days with countless amenities and services along. Here’s the list of hotels and lodges available. 

1- Harpole’s Heartland Lodge

This brings you a romantic luxurious cabin with a provision hot tub, a fire pit, a private deck, and an incredible fireplace. This is a separate staying lodge and considered as one of the Best Hotels in Illinois for Couples that value your privacy and hence you can have quality secretive time alone with your honey. You can also add on some hunting and horse riding activities with other valuable offers and hence, you can have an endless experience worth a lifetime. 

2- Sybaris Northbrook 

Sybaris Northbrook is one of the exceptional, distinct, super exclusive, and “Unique Places to Stay near Me”, Google search bar’s top answers, where couples find having the most romantic and a foremost luxurious, and endless comfy experience. Since Sybaris offers Top-notch hospitality and generosity to its clients and guests along with countless treasured amenities to your romantic gateway. A never-ending amenities like the hot tub attached to the inner pool, a massager chair, a waterfall, and many other extravagant lavish provisions make it the best ever sought-after staying area for couples. 

3- Gold Moor Inn

Views are one of the things, that a couple would definitely need during their honeymoon or love moments, and what could be better than making your love instants observing the beautiful and romantic view of the Mississippi river. Gold Moor inn provides stunning views of the Mississippi river providing 13 luxury romantic suites inside the castle, cottages, and log cabins. They also have private porches with luxurious kitchen and fireplaces that can warm your romantic journey and make your moments special in your mind for a lifetime.

Moreover, with a provision of super lavish services that you can dream or think of, with your loved ones including a spa, massage, galley kitchen, fireplaces, luxury hand-curved furniture, and whirlpool tubs can make your visit life worthy and one-to-remember.