Here’s What You Need to Know About the Best Seafood Restaurant In New York


Are you a foodie? Who isn’t! Looking for the best seafood restaurant in New York? We are here to help you out! Keep reading. Do you get sufficient seafood within your meal? Because of the numerous critical vitamins and nutrients included in seafood, consuming it on a constant schedule enhances multiple areas of your wellness. Seafood not only tastes nice, but it also feels right!

Are you planning to travel to NYC and are in search of the best seafood restaurant New York, we are here to help! We have compiled the list of the best seafood restaurant that offers unique taste and sophisticated ambience. Have a look down below and have a sumptuous eating experience at these seafood eateries in NYC!

Our Top Picks for Best Seafood Restaurant In New York

Following are our best collections of best seafood restaurant in New York. You are surely going to love these, we bet!

Pearl Oyster Bar

The first one on our list seems to be the perfect spot for drinks as well as dinner. It is situated amongst the famous landmarks of 6th avenue and Cornelia. You will also find a few other restaurants in the very same vicinity but this one surely stands out due to obvious reasons. There used to be times when it was nearly impossible to get your hands on a single decent lobster roll around the city in New York – at that time, Pearl Oyster Bar came to the forefront and rescued every seafood lover.

What Are the Top Dishes?

  • Lobster Roll (Of course)
  • Blueberry Pie

If you are planning to travel to NYC, this one is a must-visit place for enjoying seafood. The taste and variety of dishes is incredibly awesome.


Next up on our list is none other than “Vestry”. This restaurant was inaugurated while the world was suffering from the pandemic, this restaurant became a breath of fresh air for the residents of NYC. It is the brainchild of Shaun Hergatt and has been making rounds since its inception.

The award-winning chef serves uncooked seafood delicacies including tuna sandwich, hamachi crudo, plus iced West Coast oysters over finger lemons or fresh fennel dust on a fine dining plate. Bigger dishes include cod, Atlantic fish, as well as Long Island sea bass, which are all supplied through Hergatt’s long-standing partnerships with local suppliers. It surely stands tall as the best Seafood Restaurant In New York for all the right reasons!

What Are the Top Dishes?

  • West Coast Oysters
  • Tuna Toast
  • Hamachi Crudo

We would suggest you try these three dishes at your first visit at Vestry. You will surely have a great time at this best seafood restaurant New York.

The Clam

This one is a staple of seafood in NYC. Known as the best American fish institution––helmed by founder Joey Campanaro with head chef Mike Price––serves basic, uncomplicated seaside cuisine with a contemporary accent. Think high-quality seafood, mainly unvarnished to allow the delicacy stand for everything at The Clam. There are so many raw bars selections, as well as boiled mussels, soup, including baked, roasted, charred, and battered seafood dishes.

What Are the Top Dishes?

  • Lobster Slider
  • Fried Clam

We know you are looking for the best Seafood Restaurant In New York – here it is! We would also highly suggest you try out the delicacies from “The Clam’s Raw Bar” as they are class apart and each one has a different flavor to offer – it is surely going to be the best treat for your taste buds!

Fish Cheeks

The proud presentation of the world renowned chef Ohm Suansilphong, Fish Cheeks offers the unique taste and flavors of seafood. Though it has a quite funny name, many people consider the taste to be even better than the name. If you are seeking a family friendly seafood eatery in NYC, this is the best pick. The taste of the food is just heavenly. You will not be disappointed in any way.

Talking about the location, it is opened in the NOHO area of Bond Street. The eye is drawn to the brightly colored canopy from such a distance. And also the food’s quality is closely related to the smart name, considering the tastiest portion of a fish throughout Asia seems to be the slender and softest part of the fish cheeks!

What Are the Top Dishes?

  • Prawn Karee
  • Prawn Aob Woosen

Searching for the best seafood near me? You have got it right her!


Started by the famous chef Molly Nickerson, Marea is a seafood restaurant that needs no introduction. It is the epitome of perfect seafood along with the best presentation. He has this unique charm that will lure you into overeating! The food is luxuriously delicious you will surely be left wanting for more. The menu is incredibly unique and each presentation oozes unmatched taste.

This one is perfect to be your best date spot – it has everything you need for a flawless date night. From the food, to the service to the ambience of the place; Everything exudes charm and perfection! The restaurant is situated near Central Park. The people who live near as well as the foreigners coming from continents apart make sure to visit it for a sumptuous seafood dinner and more.

What Are the Top Dishes?

  • Tartare di Tonno
  • Aragosta entrée

People often search for best seafood near me, if you are in NYC, this restaurant will surely pop on in the search.

Parting Thoughts:

Many people in the world are constantly in search of best seafood restaurants nyc whenever they visit NYC. We really hope you liked the list of the best seafood restaurant New York. Each one of these have its unique set of specialties and will offer you a taste that you will remember for years to come. The ambience, food quality and taste of these are just unmatched. Do let us know what you think about these and their seafood options; we would love to know!

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