There is a country that has inspired writers and filmmakers through its landscapes. It is the land of chocolate and cuckoo clocks, which features the magnificent views of the Alps and the highest train station in the world. It is the place where both cold and hot climates coexist perfectly. We are talking about Switzerland, the heaven on Earth that has blessed many poetries and artworks with a glimpse of its beauty.

If you are one of those who want to travel to Europe and explore new and fascinating lands, this country must be your top choice. However, it is a necessary step to pick the right month to visit this land. 

What Is The Best Time To Visit Switzerland?

The best time to visit Switzerland depends on the activities you want to do and the places you want to visit. The advantage of Switzerland is that it has specific climates for most of the regions. This fact makes it easier for visitors to plan their tours accordingly. However, the best months to visit this heaven are December, January, and February.

Tours during December, January, and February: 

Swiss winter begins in December, which also marks the beginning of the Christmas season. The first snow begins to appear in the highest regions of Switzerland. Lowlands, such as valleys and large cities in this country, may not experience any snowfall during this month. Therefore, if you want to experience a “White” Christmas, you should make your reservation at a ski resort beforehand, as these months tend to be the “high season.”

Tours during July, August, and September:

The high season reappears in July and August. As the temperature in the lower regions gets hotter, outdoor activities dominate tourism at this time of year. During these months, places, such as Lake Lucerne, the Swiss Riviera, and the Jungfrau region, become the biggest hub of tourists with the arrival of thousands of visitors.

Places that Make Switzerland the Heaven on Earth

1. Swiss Alps

Swiss Alps Image

Switzerland and mountains are two inseparable concepts as the mountains occupy more than half of the country. Three mountainous regions are quite popular in Switzerland, including the Jura mountain range, the Swiss plateau, and the Alps. 

According to a scientific explanation, the Alps appeared as a result of a collision of tectonic plates in ancient times. However, amazingly, researchers say that the Swiss Alps are still in the process of formation. This is because their height increases every year, however, only by 1 millimeter.

Holidays in the Swiss Alps in winter are, of course, based on ski resorts. Ski resorts in Switzerland are considered the best in the world. The abundance of snow, impeccable slopes, the best skiing training, cozy hotels, cafes and restaurants, and the brilliant services; everything is created here for a perfect vacation. 

Sports fans will find excellent trails for downhill and cross-country skiing, snowboarding and air boarding, sledding, ice skating, and even ice diving. If you are a fan of simple activities to enjoy a relaxing environment, the Swiss Alps offer activities like hiking, sledding, and hot springs, along with the unique culture and traditions of the country. 

2. Mount Matterhorn

Mount Matterhorn Image

The most famous of the mountain peaks of the Alps is the Matterhorn, located in the Pennine Alps on the border of Switzerland and Italy. The peak, which has a regular pyramidal shape, rises above all the other peaks in the surroundings, which makes the visitors admire the unmatched charm of Mount Matterhorn. 

Matterhorn is more popular than other attractions among travelers. Even the Swiss cannot help themselves and appreciate the beauty of this mountain. The popularity of this mountain exceeds to the extent that the producers of the popular chocolate “Toblerone” have placed the mountain’s image on the wrapper. It is safe to say that the mountain is a symbol of pride in Switzerland.

3. Rhine Falls

Rhine Falls Image

One of the most impressive natural attractions in Switzerland is the Rhine Falls. Even though the height of the Rhine Falls is only 23 meters (nearly equal to a seven-story building), it is considered as the largest fall in Europe. It is due to the fact that this fall has no equal in terms of the volume of water that rushes down from the rocks. It is a popular fact that this waterfall began to develop about 500 thousand years ago, during the last Ice Age, where huge masses of ice were forced into forming a riverbed. 

4. Lauterbrunnen Valley

Lauterbrunnen Valley

Travelers call the Lauterbrunnen Valley, one of the most beautiful and amazing spots on the planet. The valley is eight kilometers long and no more than 1 kilometer wide. It is popular for both its springs and waterfalls. The name Lauterbrunnen itself is translated as “clear springs.” It is also popularly called “the valley of 72 waterfalls.

The trip to the waterfalls begins with a picturesque village, bearing the same name as the valley, i.e., Lauterbrunnen. This is the place where all the bookings for the trip happen. 

The most famous and impressive waterfalls are considered to be Staubbach and Trummelbach. Staubbach amazes the visitors with its strong scenery where water flows from 300-meter-high rocks. Due to its great height, the water reaches the ground, break up into droplets and form water dust, which resembles clouds or fog. Trummelbach waterfalls are the only ones in Europe located in the depths of the cliffs and yet are accessible for visiting. These two waterfalls are the most popular place among travelers.

5. Aletsch Glacier

During the last ten kilometers of the Jungfrau ban railway, the train goes into a tunnel and emerges into the dazzling whiteness of Switzerland’s fifth natural attraction, the largest glacier in the Alps called Aletsch. Its length is approximately 25 kilometers. Glaciers are formed from thick layers of snow, which, under the influence of their own weight, turn into ice. These glaciers offer one of the most beautiful sights on the planet. 

In conclusion, Switzerland is full of marvelous attractions which turn it into a heaven on Earth. Undoubtedly, it is always the top choice of nature lovers. Not only this destination provides jaw-dropping views and fun activities, but it also showcases the beauty that nature possesses.