Who even wants to pay for expensive flights when affordable airlines are a thing? Not us. Not at all!

Thankfully, some airlines offer cheap tickets, and they do not need to organize a flash sale. It is what they just do every day!

Indeed, low-cost carriers can help your wallet keep some more money stored if you are not sure about spending hundreds of dollars buying air tickets. You just need to know how to find these cheapest airlines in the world.

Cheap airlines are now popular than ever. People even search for ‘cheap airlines near me‘ or ‘where to book cheap flights’ to see if they can get any lead. Every day, a new carrier takes the spotlight, offering competitive ticket prices for famous routes and even stripped down tickets for travelers who do not require a lot to stay comfortable while on a flight. They use a range of strategies to minimize costs and offer affordable tickets for travelers, such as saving on airplanes or jet fuels and passing on these savings to their travelers.

Here is a list of the Cheapest Airlines In The World for people who are all set to travel after COVID-19 and prefer to save more than spending their hard-earned money on over-priced flight tickets. Read below and find out which low-cost airline is the best according to your requirements. However, remember to check reviews of these airlines. How? If you are going for Alaska Airline, just Google “Alaska Airline Reviews” to check out if it is worth trying that airline. Let’s jump to the list now!


cheapest airlines in the world

It is the country’s most affordable carrier and fifth-biggest airline in the United States. From Orlando, Boston, San Juan, New York, Fort Lauderdale, passengers can travel to more than ninety destinations across Latin America, the Caribbean, Mexico, and the United States.

JetBlue offers wallet-friendly tickets to its valuable travelers. However, the airline does not operate across the pond yet, but travelers love it for its complimentary snacks like their iconic blue chips. Additionally, the airline is famous for fantastic flash sales that offer airfares as low as $39 on a one-way ticket.

Southwest Airlines

Southwest Airlines Image

Known for its loyalty program, Southwest Airlines takes its passenger to more than ninety destinations, including the Caribbean (Bahamas, Cuba, Jamaica, Grand Cayman, and other) and Mexico (Los Cabos, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta). The airline is based in Dallas, Texas, and lets you obtain a Companion pass for your travel buddy, valid for a whole year!

Moreover, apart from regular sales, this low-cost airline apologizes to its passengers for any kind of flight delays by offering them $49 trips and serving them complimentary snacks. Nonetheless, the airline never assigns seats, so families traveling via Southwest Airlines might want to choose Business Select fare to make sure they board before anyone else. So, were you looking for the cheapest airlines in the US? Southwest Airlines is your answer!


EasyJet airplane Image

This is the second-largest airline of Europe, and it operates in thirty-two countries. It serves as an excellent option for travelers who like to save more or airfares. EasyJet is known for its innovative transformations. To minimize costs and give its travelers the best, the airline is experimenting with drones to inspect the aircraft. Also, the airline is interested in getting 100 new A320s.

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air Image

This low-cost carrier brought a huge shift in transatlantic travel by offering one-way tickets of $69 from the United States to Europe when it launched in 2017. Norwegian Air is based in Norway and one of Europe’s cheapest airlines, but its operating network is vast. It operates flights to Europe, Africa, Thailand, the Middle East, and the United States. It has become travelers’ choice when it comes to traveling with low fares without compromising on comfort.

Cebu Pacific Air

Cebu Pacific Air Image

It is based in the Philippines, Cebu Pacific Air, headquartered in Manila. It operates about fifty-seven air crafts, which are a blend of airbuses of different shapes and sizes. However, the airlines’ network is pretty substantial, as well. Travelers can board these flights from Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, Taiwan, South Korea, Myanmar, India, Australia, And many others. Additionally, Cebu connects nearly forty destinations in the Philippines, and it even takes travelers to the United States’ territory of Guam.


AirAsia Image

Having hubs scattered across all of Asia, this budgeted airline is travelers’ favorite. You might not even feel like you are traveling on a cheap airline. Yes! It is that good.

While on Long haul AirAsia X trips, passengers can easily upgrade to business class – the section with lie-flat seats. You can find affordable tickets for this airline on flights to the Philippines, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia.

GOL Airlines

GOL Airlines Image

Who does not enjoy a little music while on a flight? GOL airlines enable passengers to enjoy free videos and music via mobile devices. The airline is based in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it operates in South America, some parts of the United States, and the Caribbean. The airline is ideal for passengers who like to carry lightweight luggage as it is the requirement that travelers must not carry suitcases exceeding 22 pounds

Azul Airlines

Azul Airlines Image

Travelers who are exploring Brazil will definitely love Azul as it has a huge network of local routes. Also, it offers non-stop flights to some destinations in the United States, including Fort Lauderdale and Orlando, South America, and Europe. Azul offers its valuable passengers delicious complimentary drinks and snacks in addition to some entertainment, i.e., live TV.


FastJet Image

FastJet takes you to anywhere in Africa cheaply and swiftly. You can enjoy affordable tickets to Tanzania, Zimbabwe, Zambia, South Africa, and other famous parts of the continent. Traveling while at comfort is necessary, no matter how short your flight is. FastJet considers this fact, and hence they provide smooth service to their passengers and a delightful flight experience at cheap rates.


cheapest airlines in the world

As the name reflects, the airline has this unique bright orange color as its identifier so you can easily recognize it from a distance. This cheap domestic airline in South Africa enables passengers to travel to Johannesburg, Durban, Cape Town, and also to Zanzibar two times a week.

Air Arabia

cheapest airlines in the world

Air Arabia is based in the United Arab Emirates, and it is the top-ranked cheapest airline. It regularly operates flights to various destinations in the Middle East and also to several parts of North Africa, Central Asia, India, and Europe. The main airport of this airline is Sharjah International Airport. However, the low-cost carrier focuses on Ras Al Khaimah, which is also in the United Arab Emirates, Casablanca, Alexandria.

Fly Dubai

Fly Dubai Image

Fly Dubai emerged as a successful budgeted airline in the year 2009. However, the United Arab Emirates-based airline lets its passengers reach various destinations, mostly in Europe, Central Asia, Gulf Countries, and the Middle EastThe airline uses a fleet of Boeing 737-800s. Each seat on the flight has an HD touch screen, and passengers can buy hot meals and snacks.


cheapest airlines in the world

Operating as a Singapore Airlines subsidiary, Scoot has scored its place in the list of top cheapest airlines in the world. Scoot takes its passenger to about sixty-eight destinations, including major cities in Asia and Australia. It has also emerged into the European market by operating its flights from Singapore to Berlins and Athens.


cheapest airlines in the world

This Irish-based airline became successful shortly after it launched and quickly expanded its fleet to over 300 Boeing aircraft. Ryanair has now become a go-to airline in Europe because of its cheap air tickets to nearly 160 destinations. This airline is based on the USA’s Southwest Airlines’ business model.

What Airlines Are The Cheapest?

Southwest Airlines has achieved what most consider as the actual large-scale and low-cost airline model. It has a single aircraft type, which makes staff training easier and minimizes the cost of maintenance and excellent turnaround time. All of these essential factors helped it to become the cheapest airline in the USA.

Benefits of Buying Cheapest Airline Tickets

Low Prices

One of the significant advantages of buying the cheapest airline ticket is not spending several hundred on an air ticket. However, most airlines that are low-cost carriers only operates in a few areas, regions, or countries. This is why they can offer competitive prices. If you select an airline with the cheapest fares, you might save up to 80% on your travel expenses.


Almost all cheapest international flights offer promotions that further reduce the airfare and make your trip as cheap as possible. You can search in coupon books or online for best deals for most affordable airlines and book cheaper flights. It might be a great chance to travel at competitive rates and enjoy excellent service.


Among all other essential aspects of the world’s cheapest airlines to fly right now, safety stands on the top. It is a matter of concern whether an ultimate cheap flight ignores the importance of safety just to offer discounted tickets. However, it is said that it is not the type of airline that is faulty, but the location as it affects the rate of accidents. Best budget airlines are as safe as expensive airlines. They might be safer because of their locations.

New Planes

When any airline introduces a new plane, due to re-fleeing or upgrading, it offers discounted or cheapest airline tickets to attract more passengers to the new planes. This way, you can have a chance to experience new amenities and flight technologies at the lowest fare.

How To Find Cheap Flights?

Do you want to know how to book the cheapest flight possible to anywhere and which airline is the cheapest? Let’s get your basics clear.

Ignore Myths

Many websites recruit reporters who write misleading content just to boost their sales, and mostly, they let people believe some terrible myths. It is better not to believe them and ignore it as it is just another way of attracting customers.

Some common myths that are not true at all:

*Buying air tickets on Tuesday is NOT cheaper, or on any other day.
*No evidence has proved that searching for the best cheap airlines using incognito can help you get cheaper deals.
*You can book your air ticket whenever you want. Do not believe whatever you read online about booking air tickets at low fares because of your luck on specific days.
*Airline prices cannot be detected, and if websites are doing so, do not believe them unless you personally visit the airline’s office or contact them to ask for details.

Have A Flexible Travel Schedule

One common mistake that most people do is to travel on holidays when almost everyone is planning for vacations. Ticket prices vary greatly depending on the day, time of year, or any upcoming holidays such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, etc.

If you plan to fly when everyone is flying, you are going to get high ticket prices. Therefore, it is better to be flexible with your travel schedule. Plan your trip prior to upcoming holidays or festivals so that you will get affordable air tickets. As when fewer people are flying and it is not holiday season, the airfares are quite low.

Hence, it is suggested that you fly off-season. The more strict you will be with your travel plan, the more complicated it can get. Additionally, it is better to fly in the middle of the week rather than on the weekend. Airlines usually increase their process for weekend flights. Late night and early morning flights also offer low-cost tickets. Airlines are not stupid. They know when most people would want to travel, i.e., on holidays and festivals and so they increase their airfares accordingly.

Choosing a Travel Destination

If you are not flexible with your travel schedule, at least be flexible with your travel destinations. However, it is better to avoid being strict with both and save some dollars on your trip.

Airlines search engines have made it easier to look for the cheapest airline tickets in the world. You do not have to perform a manual search, day by day, city by city. Websites such as Google Flights, Momondo, Skyscanner are offering a good range of tools to their users that enables them to input their home airport and find the cheapest flights and see a map of the world.

This way, you can compare several destinations at once without searching for each individually. You will see many great options that you might not have thought about before. It helps you to make well-informed travel plans with and choosing the cheapest flight in the world.