A place where writers and producers get inspired under the umbrella of the letters “Hollywood,” surfers meticulously surf through the sea waves of Malibu, fans, and dreamers get in line for hours to meet their favorite stars and inspirations. Los Angeles, the city that beautifully integrates different aspects of cultures, cuisines, and shimmering alleys, paces in the abyss of branded cars and magnificent museums. What is the cheapest way to plan a trip to Los Angeles? The answer to the most affordable way to travel to Los Angeles is in this guide!

How to Get To Los Angeles

If you are planning to travel after Covid-19, there are multiple options available. Considering its remoteness, the best option is to travel by plane. However, if you have a lot of time in hand and want to make your journey adventurous, you can get to this city by cruise ship. 

How to Get Around in Los Angeles?

`Wondering, “How can I go to LA on a budget?” The key is understanding the most affordable ways to commute in the city.


Metro in L.A. consists of 6 lines. The Red Line connects the center of the city to Union Station and North Hollywood. Blue Line starts from Downtown LA to Long Beach. Gold Line goes from Union Station to Pasadena. While Green Line from Norwalk to Redondo Beach. Purple and Expo pass through the city center. For metro and buses, there are single tickets worth 1.8 USD per trip. You can buy them from bus drivers or vending machines at every metro station.


The city has about 200 bus routes covering almost all streets and areas. 


Apart from taxis available at airports, train stations, bus terminals, and some of the largest hotels, it is difficult to find a taxi available to hire on the streets. You may hire a taxi by calling on the following numbers.

-Checker: 800-300-5007
-Independent: 800-521-8294
-Yellow Cab: 800-200- 1085 

The fare is around $1.80 per mile. 

Things to Do in Los Angeles

1. The Hollywood Sign

hollywood sign image

If you go to Los Angeles, you cannot leave without witnessing the mythical sign, composing Hollywood’s word. This sign, located on Mount Lee, is undoubtedly one of the great icons of the city. Although it can be seen perfectly from the Griffith Observatory or Beachwood Drive, we recommend that you do the trekking to get as close as possible to the letters. This sign was created in 1923 as part of an advertising campaign, and, over time, it became a crucial part of the iconic city of Los Angeles. Due to different acts of vandalism on the sign, restrictions have been imposed on its land for visitors.

2. Walk of Fame

walk of fame image

The Walk of Fame is that place where all visitors look for the names of their favorite actors or artists in the stars on the ground. It is one of those places that you cannot miss, especially if you are a fan of movies and T.V. shows. This place is home to the Grauman Chinese Theater, where you can see the marks of the hands of internationally recognized actors, such as Marilyn Monroe, Gary Cooper, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, and the actors of the first Star Wars trilogy, among others.

3. Disneyland and Universal Studios Los Angeles

Universal studios Los angeles

If you want to delve into the fantasy world, you should pay a visit to two of the most interesting and amazing amusement parks in the world: Disneyland and Universal Studios.

At Disneyland, you can let yourself be enveloped by your favorite movies’ magic by visiting Fantasyland, a place where heroes and villains from Disney movies come to life. Take a look at the future in Tomorrowland, or experience an adventure in Adventure land.  At Universal Studios, you can enter a colossal film studio with the largest amusement park in the world. Here you will discover the world of Hogwarts and encounter King Kong. You can also experience the tour of The Walking Dead or scenes of Shark. One of the most comfortable options to get there without worrying about anything is with an excursion that includes pickup, tickets, and transportation.

4. Santa Monica

santa monica image

Santa Monica is one of the most magnificent places on Earth. It is a neighborhood that stands out for its beautiful and enormous promenade, open to the Pacific Ocean’s infinity. It is worth taking a stroll through the area and reaching the Santa Monica Pier, where Pacific Park is located. It is one of the unique amusement parks in the USA, not only for the neon lights and lively atmosphere but also for the beautiful views of the beach and Los Angeles it offers, especially at sunset. Walk along the Ocean Drive promenade along the Santa Monica Beach, the filming location for the series Baywatch, and reach Venice Beach.

5. Griffith Observatory

Griffith Observatory Image.

One of the best things you can do on your visit to Los Angeles is to go up to the Griffith Observatory after the sunset. Located on a high hill in Hollywood, it offers a chance to disconnect from the city’s hustle and bustle. From here, you can get beautiful panoramic views of the city of Los Angeles, all illuminated. It is one of the best viewpoints.

On the other hand, you will also see the Samuel Oschin Planetarium, where today’s most advanced star projector is located. The entry price is only $7.

6. Little Tokyo

guide to los angeles

Little Tokyo is one of those places that you have to visit on your tour to Los Angeles. It is a neighborhood of the early twentieth century that has become a real paradise for Japanese culture fans. Here, you can buy original products from Japan, such as exclusive manga, and see places as magnificent as the Koyasan Buddhist Temple or the James Irvine Garden, which has the aesthetics and beauty of typical Japanese gardens. It is an authentic micro-world you can enjoy authentic Japanese life and taste.

7. Malibu

guide to los angeles

If you want to get away from Los Angeles and enter one of the most magical and surprising settings near the city, you have to go to Malibu. It is just a 1-hour drive by car from the city. Its climate is just perfect but in the summer season, Malibu is known to be one of the hottest cities in the US. Other things you can enjoy here are clean beaches, natural environment, and entertainment centers that make it an ideal destination for an incredible vacation.

Where to Stay when Visiting Los Angeles?

Los Angeles is the largest city in California, so there are many areas and places to stay. To avoid spending hours looking for hotels on booking websites, it is advisable to think carefully about the type of trip you are going to take and the budget you want to allocate to accommodation. These are the two most determining factors when deciding on the most suitable place and type of hotel. Below you will find information on the best areas to stay in Los Angeles according to the type of trip you want to take. Let’s start!

1. Hollywood: Perfect for Sightseeing

No visit to Los Angeles is complete without a tour of the famous Hollywood district. From our point of view, it is the best area to stay in Los Angeles if you are traveling for the first time or staying for a few days to explore the city. 

Here you will find some of the most iconic places of the city, including the Walk of Fame, the Grauman Chinese Theater, Hollywood Boulevard, Sunset Boulevard, and Melrose Avenue. It is a perfect area for food lovers too.

Staying in Hollywood is ideal for sightseeing and visiting major landmarks without spending much time on the commute. Prices are quite high in this area due to huge demand, so it is advisable to book in advance to ensure the best possible accommodation at good rates.

2. Beverly Hills: Luxury Lodging

This neighborhood has some of the most exclusive shopping malls and hotels in Los Angeles. The most famous avenue is Rodeo Drive, where you can find the most luxurious malls in the entire city. Beverly Hills is quite close to Hollywood, so it has the same practicality in terms of commuting.  It is a very quiet area where most of the celebrities reside. As you can imagine, staying here is much more expensive and exclusive than in other parts of the city. The hotels are elegant, but it is also possible to find rental apartments. You can easily find a parking spot in this area. In conclusion, if your pocket allows it, staying at Beverly Hills is perfect if you enjoy exclusivity and luxury. Moreover, the area is the safest of all.

3. Downtown: Centre of the City and Affordable

Downtown Los Angeles is the central district of the city. It is home to tall buildings, bustling streets, and lively shops. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most popular areas in Los Angeles for residential purposes. As it is the financial district of Los Angeles, it is quite busy at peak times and on weekdays. The area also houses the best nightlife options in Los Angeles, including trendy bars, discos, clubs, and lounges. Moreover, if you are wondering “where to stay in Los Angeles on a budget,” this is the place!

What are the Best Restaurants in L.A.?


Urasawa hotel Image

The name of the Japanese restaurant was given by its owner and chef, Hiro Urasawa. He was born in Japan, and he cooks the authentic Japanese dishes perfectly. Many visitors consider this Japanese restaurant to be the best in Los Angeles among other eateries.

The dishes are prepared from the products delivered from the Land of the Rising Sun, which is the key to their authentic taste. The chef cooks meals right at the spot instead of using frozen items from ages ago.

Papa Cristo’s

Papa Cristo's Image

Papa Cristo’s Restaurant is known not only in Los Angeles but also in other cities. Locals say that among all the establishments that serve Greek cuisine, this is the best. Moreover, Papa Cristo’s is the best place to visit with your family and friend. This restaurant has something for everyone. The menu provides a massive collection of fresh vegetables from all over the world and all kinds of pasta. Visitors should try the amazing fried potatoes and juicy grilled chicken. It also has an excellent menu for the sweet tooth, including baklava, cookies, sweets, and custard.

Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles.

Roscoe's House of Chicken & Waffles image

This restaurant is different from other gastronomic establishments of the city in terms of food. This restaurant serves quality food under attractive rates. It is recommended to book a table before visiting, as the popularity of this restaurant results in long lines of customers outside the eatery. Roscoe’s signature chicken with a crispy crust and delicate waffles are the reason for its popularity. It also serves homemade bread, chicken sandwiches, potato pies, and various salads.

The owner of this establishment, Herb Hudson, was born in Harlem and started his restaurant business in Los Angeles, taking into account the ethnic American flavor that is high in demand in this city. Soon after the founding of the restaurant, it received a good advertisement from the famous movie star and singer, Natalie Cole. Another famous admirer of Roscoe’s House of Chicken & Waffles is actor, Red Fox as he has stated on a T.V. show that he prefers to dine only in this restaurant

Musso and Frank Grill

Musso and Frank Grill Image

The Musso and Frank Grill restaurant has a long history. It was founded in 1919. Traditions are honored here, and this is the main theme of ​​this eatery. The restaurant was named after the first two owners, named Joseph Musso and Frank Thule.

Musso and Frank Grill restaurant is located in an old building in Hollywood Boulevard. The restaurant can be considered as a landmark as world-famous stars, such as Ernest Hemingway, Greta Garbo, Charlie Chaplin, and Francis Scott Fitzgerald, used to dine in here. Musso and Frank Grill has also been featured in the computer game, called L.A. Noir. Its menu includes fish dishes, steaks, omelets, and traditional. Popular alcoholic drinks preferred by visitors of this establishment are dry Martini and the local Margarita.

Is Los Angeles Safe?

If you are traveling with the family or you are simply concerned about security, we recommend staying in Hollywood, which is both popular and safe. It also hosts a higher number of hotels and services for tourists.