Best Beach Town in Northern California

Looking for the best beach town northern California? This article is for you! If you are planning a coastal road trip or a weekend beach vacation to any beach community in northern California, you can find all the information you need on this website. Traveling hundreds of miles down the coast, you may see incredible sights, including cliffs, sandy beaches, river estuaries, and the California redwood forests. When it comes to stunning landscapes, the coast best beach town northern California has it all.

But the beach towns that dot this long coast give off the feeling of carefree summer days all year. The prettiest, most diverse beach towns in northern California are featured in this article. There are well-trodden routes among them, and others are less obvious. You will find one of the most affordable beach towns in California.

Some of north California’s coastal towns and cities are convenient stopovers on a cross-country road trip, while others are more suitable for a summer weekend getaway. Below are our top 3 picks for best Northern California Beach Towns to live. 


About 80 miles south of the Oregon border sits Trinidad, one of the best beach town northern California. Humboldt county’s Trinidad draws visitors for its beautiful beaches, majestic redwood trees, and variety of water activities. To rephrase, Trinidad is perfect for weekend warriors seeking solace from the madding crowd. Less than a thousand people make their home in the pacific northwest, so you won’t have to worry about running into anybody else when exploring the region.

It’s possible that Trinidad even has some stunning beaches and sunsets. It is amongst the best beaches in northern California. Some sunbathing and swimming at low tide are possible at Trinidad state beach, a beautiful, hidden beach in this picturesque city. If you want to see what many nomads call “paradise,” you should head to moonstone beach, where the sand is fine, and the water is calm. 

Best Northern California Beach Towns to live includes this as well. When it comes to tidal pools, Indian beach is hard to beat. Visit the head beach, which stretches to Trinidad harbor, and the Trinidad headland trail, where you can go on a trek, ride your bike on the concrete pathways, and even see whales in their natural habitat. Folks call it one of the most affordable beach towns in California. 

Located near the harbor and primarily obscured by high cliffs, the Trinidad pier had a significant renovation in 2012. There are two stunning beaches here and in Arcata; little river state beach and clam beach. To view some unique starfish, you should visit the marine lab at Humboldt state university. Birdwatchers can see many species of seabirds on the craggy cliffs of the Trinidad coast. It is one of the best northern California beach towns. 

Trinidad, one of the most incredible northern California coastal communities, is endowed with two redwoods state parks, prairie creek redwoods state park and Patrick’s point state park, where visitors may enjoy views of old-growth ancient giants. Sue-meg state park is a must-see for outdoor lovers because its beautiful pathways are perfect for hiking and biking. Tourists from all over the state go here to watch the whales migrate, relax on the rocks, and sift through the sand to find a rare agate. You will put an end to your search of northern California beaches. 

Yurok village may also be located inside the park, representing the city’s early history. The Trinidad museum is a great place to learn about this picturesque city’s history and view a wide range of artifacts and indigenous flora in its five galleries.


Looking for the best beaches in northern California? Three hours north of Mendocino, you’ll find Eureka, one of the most significant northern California beach towns. Its old town is famous, and rightly so—surrounded by grand Victorian mansions and towering redwood trees. In 1885, lumber tycoon William Carson built the Carson mansion, a three-story Victorian home that has since become a popular tourist attraction. 

If you want to search for the Best Northern California Beach Towns to live, it must be this. Check out the region between Arcata bay and Humboldt bay, where you’ll likely run across other water activity enthusiasts. Traveling to Eureka from Mendocino through drive via tree park and the avenue of the giants is an experience not to be missed. Massive redwood preserves surround this picturesque coastal town, which is another noteworthy feature. Visit Humboldt redwoods state park to see the largest stand of old-growth coastal redwoods. Rockefeller woodland is also included in this state park. You will find the best northern California beach towns here. 

Visit the redwood forests of headwaters forest reserve, sequoia park, and Arcata community forest for a relaxing walk. If you have time to kill, go 40 miles outside Eureka to redwood national park. Some more attractions in Humboldt county include the sequoia park zoo, the Humboldt bay national wildlife refuge, and the Humboldt botanical garden. Best Northern California Beach Towns to live includes this as well. 

The Morris grave museum of art welcomes museumgoers to the former Andrew Carnegie library. Many concerts and art courses are offered in the museum, many of which support local artists. Explore the historic district along the waterfront in Eureka on your own to learn about life in the town in the nineteenth century. It stands tall as the best northern California beaches. 

Plan a trip to the dick Taylor craft facility; if you’re fortunate, you’ll see chocolate being made and try some of the finished goods. The fans of cheese should try some Humboldt fog goat cheese.

Shelter Cove 

Another option for northern California beaches? About two and a half hours north of Fort Bragg, in the most isolated coastal hamlet in northern California, lies a beautiful place called shelter cove. The stunning beachfront village welcomes visitors to the lost coast, California’s wildest area, with hiking trails, tidal pools, and black sand beaches. However, getting to the loveliest beach town in north California from either Fort Bragg or crescent city is a hassle. This destination is 25 miles off highway 101 along a winding road. It classifies as finest northern California beach towns. 

The village of shelter cove is picturesque and full of opportunities for outdoor fun. Cozy seaside eateries, scenic bike paths, fine wine, and delicious cuisine are just a few attractions of this charming town. You may go fishing or play in the tidal pools at the black sand beaches. It would be best if you only went to the tidal pools when the tide is low. It is one of the best northern California beaches.