The Best Restaurants In US

The love for food is a bond that connects us! The search for best restaurants in the us is for some exotic flavors, unique textures, and exclusive experiences often lead us to the best food from the most unexpected spots.

As travel restrictions go down post-pandemic, everyone is rushing to their favorite vacation destinations to experience the joy of fine dining or even enjoying a bagel with cream cheese on the roadside bistro.

In case you are planning to create a gastronomic map of the United States in the search of the top restaurants in the USA, then here is where you can start taking notes!

This detailed list is curated from multiple reviews, personal experiences and ratings shared online and in-person too!

Restaurants Culture In The USA

Every country has its own culture about food and dining. When it comes to the United States, you get to experience diversity in its truest sense. With the wide variety of cuisines and cultural experiences easily available for tourists and locals too!

As a tourist in the United States, it is fun to know about the favorite local spots to experience each location in its entirety. But when it comes to a fun city like NYC or Georgia, you must visit the celebrated touristy locations to enjoy the ambience.

The problem with iconic spots is the fact that they’re always crowded. But then, who wouldn’t like to brave the crowds to enjoy a divine meal!

The restaurant culture in the U.S is pretty inclusive and fun. It offers a variety of price points with the glossy-paged restaurants being a little overpriced too. And then there’s also a fair share of bland spots where customer service fails to charm you.

Every spot that wins your heart would come at the cost of a few unique experiences!

From small doughnut shops to stalls selling chili in the capital, tourist traps and food paradises are found in every state.

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How To Find Best Restaurants In USA Near Me?

Have you recently looked up best restaurants of 2022 in the USA? If yes, then this is exactly where you need to be!

Local recommendations play a critical role in looking for the best restaurants near you. Not every local suggestion would sit well with the tourist who has countless things to see in the new city or state.

Instead of a quick Google search about the top restaurants near me, you can easily head to TripAdvisor to find the genuine opinions of previous visitors. The three variations of fast-casual, everyday dining, and fine dining makes it easier for you to decide the vibe and delicacies you wish to enjoy for a particular day on your itinerary.

The Best Restaurants In The USA

Bar Pitti

If you are a fan of Italian classics, then indeed Bar Pitti is the ultimate location for you. The outdoor dining spot is highly sought-after by visitors and locals alike.

The scrumptious food and dedicated Italian waitstaff take you to an Italian fantasy setting the moment you take a bite from the creamy pasta or sip from their excellent expresso!


Dizengoff is a Mediterranean paradise. Their ultimate hummus, fresh pita, and exotic toppings make them one of a kind! Then intense flavors and sheer colors on their plates make them an Instagramable spot for your vacation!

Flora Bar

You cannot afford to miss out on Ignacio Mattos’s food!

As the name suggests, Flora Bar offers an inherently natural aura that is aesthetically pleasing. The raw open bar, stellar location, and the unbelievable taste packed in every morsel of food make it a must-visit on every bucket list for NYC.

The Four Horsemen

This delightful location in Brooklyn offers a long list of natural wines and food that is addictive! The warm aesthetic and top of the class customer service make it an excellent choice for celebratory occasions.


Every list of NYC food options is incomplete without mentioning something Indian or desi. Paowalla by Floyd Cardoz takes an authentic approach to Indian food. The Kulcha bread and Bhaji are all balanced according to the spice levels one can easily digest without going bananas.

Bandaloop, Maine

This decade-old restaurant continues to remain bright and beautiful. The food is created with local produce that is not only healthy but also finger-licking good! W. S. Lee tends to outdo his efforts each night with his culinary expertise taking the lead. And the dynamic small plate options are simply out-of-this-world, especially the Bandaloop egg rolls.

California Grill Lounge, Florida

Despite Walt Disney World claiming most of the tourists and their food budgets, California Grill continues to remain a local gem that is cherished by each visitor.

It is a contemporary eatery that offers everything you’d like to munch on. From ravioli to flatbreads, sushi to the eclectic wine list you get it all at once!

Canter’s Deli, California

If you’ve been to California and not had a meal at the celebrated Canter’s Deli, then you have not had the Cali experience yet! The Jewish deli is home to excellent food and an ambience that makes you spend a lot more time in the open space than your expectations, The pastrami, turkey, and bagels are too yum to be forgotten!

Chez Panisse, California

If you are looking for a pricey dinner date to celebrate the love of your life, then Chez Panisse is the perfect spot for you. The intimate interiors and the legendary cooking makes it an internationally acclaimed restaurant, according to the Michelin Guide.

Their appealing culinary creations taste better than the glossy magazine looks they carry! It is the founder of the farm-to-table concept that has been adopted by multiple restaurants across the country.  This is one restaurant you must take your date to!

Franklin BBQ, Texas

A Texan barbeque is an essential component for every visit to the region. And if you are looking for one that fills you up and leaves you feeling giddy with appetizing food, then Franklin’s BBQ is your calling.

Although, the spot is mostly raving with its loyal customers, finding a table is a struggle that comes to fruition the minute you taste their delicacies. They have the finest ribs in all of Texas. The subtle flavor of pepper and tantalizing sauces alone is enough to win any argument about their authenticity online!

Geno’s Steaks, Pennsylvania

Cheesesteak is an iconic creation of Philadelphia. This celebrated creation from Geno’s has a decadent flavor that is matched by a moist and juicy steak that is too good to be true.

The original condiment combination of onion and cheese with the delicious meat slices makes a perfect meal to start a journey or celebrate an achievement! The spot may always be crowded but there’s no denial in the fact that the food is worth it!

Golden Steer, Nevada

Las Vegas, Nevada is the next best spot for steaks across the United States. And once you’re in the region, the Golden Steer is the most sought-after eatery in the state of Nevada.

Established in the 1950s, they have been serving perfect steaks for more than seven decades now!

Known for its history as the oldest steakhouse in Vegas, the Golden Steer carries a halo for all the tourists interested in the historic relevance of restaurants.

Their prime rib literally falls off the bone and it is scrumptious enough to die for!

House Of Prime Rib, California

Located in the bustling city of San Fransisco, the House of Prime Rib is a prime example of food par excellence. The steakhouse enjoys a celebrated status amongst other eateries in town, it is almost always packed with no tables to spare.

If you are in the mood for the perfect prime ribs then you must get a reservation at the restaurant right away. The 21 days of dry-age and roasting in rock salt makes their steaks a supreme delicacy for the royalty that is within your heart! And then their cozy atmosphere and complimenting wine list only add a few more feathers to the restaurant’s hat.

Louie’s, New Hampshire

Oftentimes, tourists want to taste their favorite recipes in a new flavor! If you are looking forward to some excellent Italian food that is offered with masterful hospitality, then Louie’s is sure to win over your heart, located in New Hampshire, this restaurant has everything you’d like to complete a fine dining experience in the United States.

Lou Malnati’s, Illinois

If Philly has the cheesesteaks, then Chicago owns the deep dish!

The iconic deep-dished pizzas from Chicago have spread across the world- thanks to the internet! But the original would always taste better then! Lou Malnati’s in Chicago offers the classic dish that takes two to polish off completely.

Their balanced mix of mozzarella cheese and sun-ripened tomatoes used for the sauce make this pie the epitome of cheesy wonderfulness! You might need some green tea and a long walk to wash this off your chest.

Loveless Cafe, Tennessee

Southern cooking is known for its deep roots of tradition. A short drive away from downtown Nashville lies the Loveless Cafe. This hidden gem has brilliant jams, dough disks, and biscuits that melt in the mouth!

Moreover they also serve fried chicken and that is an American staple within the borders. Their hospitality and home-like ambience make it a favorite for all the visitors that continue to flock at the restaurant every day.

Mission, Rhode Island

Being on vacation does not mean that you can not indulge in simple foods. Mission’s burgers, falafel, hot dogs, and canned beers give you the all-American experience most tourists crave.

However the small location is not also crowded and their reliable taste has brought joy to countless loyal customers for many years now!

Pat’s King Of Steaks, Pennsylvania

While we’re still in Philly and discussing cheesesteaks then Pat’s King is a name that must be mentioned right here, right now! Pat’s and Geno’s have enjoyed a healthy competition, while both offer an exclusive flavor.

Pat’s claims to have created the famous Philly Cheesesteak. But the chopped-up rib-eye steaks served at the premises are like ambrosia! An afternoon at Pat’s King of Steak is better than frolicking on the streets looking at monuments available on the internet!

Red Cat Kitchen, Massachusetts

If you have been looking for the most Instagram-approved eateries across the US, then the Red Cat Kitchen often falls amongst the top choices.

The artsy, cool interiors along with the creative vegetarian and vegan varieties make it a star kitchen! Their Lobster Risotto and signature corn soup are the top sellers at the location also It is known for one of the best vegan restaurants in the us. So all the vegan lovers must visit and try the food from here they would love it.

SoLo Farm and Table, Vermont

SoLo is the essential South Londonderry bistro that one must visit when they’re in Vermont. The farm-to-table concept adds a creative twist to simple foods. The colorful plating and flavorful combinations have helped SoLo remain a family favorite for many loyal patrons.

The French Laundry, California

The French Laundry fulfils every French food fantasy you may have ever had! It is owned by the Michelin celebrated chef Thomas Keller Located in Yountville. Over twenty years of service and the exceptional taste of France continues to win over hearts in America every day.

Woodberry Kitchen, Maryland

The Woodberry Kitchen is a rustic, open restaurant that serves fresh and straightforward flavors extracted from sustainable farmlands. Chef Spike Gjerde is celebrated for his choice of original, Mid-Atlantic ingredients that help maintain the balance between citrus and cream plated in the Kitchen.